INCREASED Commision Structure for BlackBox Independent Sales Associates!

Commissions, Sponsored Commissions, and Bonuses for BlackBox Cosmetics

 Our BlackBox Cosmetics ISAs are paid 20-50% commission on everything purchased from their shopping cart. We wanted to make it quick and easy to get paid 40% commission and bonus every month. So we set the first bonus level very low. All you have to do to get paid 40% on your entire shopping cart for the month is enroll (1) one new sales associate into your sales organization or have a total of $500 in sales in your shopping cart for the month. That's it!

 Below is a quick example of how our Commission structure works:

 You enroll 1 new person on our Restoration Skin ISA Package at $199. You will receive 40% Commission and Bonus of $80 on that sale. Plus you will receive a 40% commission and bonus on all other sales in your shopping cart for the month. Let's say you have a small home party and sell 3-4 kits and a few single items totaling $470 worth of products. That's another $188 commission and bonus to you. Then you get a few more new orders and reorders* at your shopping cart totaling $871 from promoting the products, e.g., Facebook, Craigslist, ebay, Google Ads, Money Mailer, Amazon, Clipper Magazine. That would be another $348 in commission/bonus. But guess what? That's over $1500 worth of products sold and you have already hit the 3rd bonus level and earning a 50% Commission/Bonus (See levels below)! Add that to the far greater income generated from having sales people in your organization and we are talking a substantial monthly income.

*We have a tremendous reorder business and many of our products are refillable at a discount.

 Commission/Bonus Levels

 ~ $500 in shopping cart sales or enroll 1 new ISA in any given month = 40% commission/bonus on entire shopping cart sales. 

~ $1,000 in shopping cart sales or enroll 2 new ISAs in any given month = 45% commission/bonus on entire shopping cart sales. 

~ $1,500 in shopping cart sales or enroll 3 new ISAs in any given month = 50% commission/bonus on entire shopping cart sales.

 The bonus is retroactive to the beginning of the month. Once you qualify, every sale you have made (Retail & Wholesale), since the beginning of the month will be calculated into the bonus. 

Want to make an even higher return on products sold? You can purchase our products from your own shopping cart at wholesale/bulk prices and sell at our Manufacturer Suggested Online Retail Price (MSORP) and make 100% return on investment! Your personal sales, e.g., home parties, trade shows, mall kiosks, farmer's market sales can become even more lucrative when you buy in bulk. Retailers may charge an even higher price to cover overhead expenses.

THIS is amazing for direct sales!  This is in addition to ZERO need to stock product, NO sales quotas, and NO annual fees or requirements!!