BlackBox Cosmetics Introduces NEW Toothpaste

SPLASH BATH PRODUCTS - Enamel-Mineralizing & Bacteria-Killing Toothpaste

Although there are other toothpastes designed to remineralize tooth enamel, Splash is designed to do it with phyto-colloidal minerals harvested from ancient fossils and Calcium Orotate. In addition, an incredible amount of research and effort was put into using ingredients that are healthy, but very effective at killing the bacteria known to cause tooth decay. Even our sweetener (Xylitol) used to help make our products taste outstanding is a very powerful tooth decay bacteria killer! Our products have great cleaning & whitening power, leaving your teeth feeling clean, your mouth fresh, and teeth looking pearly white. I believe customers are going to love our first two offerings: Vanilla-Mint and Cinna-Mint. *A free one ounce sample of Vanilla-Mint Toothpaste will come with any order placed in the month of September.  

Posted on September 19, 2016 .