Here's to 2013!

I always love this time of year and the excitement of hope and possibilities it brings!!! It's been a crazy last 6 weeks and I am looking forward to getting back on a schedule and refocusing on my goals with BlackBox Cosmetics. With the VuDu hair care line set to lauch this month (was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy) the possibilities are endless! Samples will be available from me soon for this great organic hair care line, so don't forget to make your request on my home page. As I sat down to do my taxes for my business today, it took me a total of 1.5 hours due to the ease of the way the company's structure is set up compared to another company I had been with. I don't have to keep track of credit card processing fees, no order forms that I manually had to enter (it's all done on the internet by the customer), no host rewards to keep track of, etc. I was reenergized after finishing this task because it reminded me of how I LOVE BlackBox Cosmetics and the simplicity of the business structure. I did not reach my goal of Independent Sales Director like I orginally set out for in 2012, but I was very close and will definitely achieve it in 2013. Goals are not set to make you feel like a failure if you don't reach them, they are set to keep you reaching forward. An original quote by me!

Happy New Year's to all and best to you in 2013!!