What makes BlackBox Cosmetics Business Opportunity Unique and Extraordinary?

NO sales quotas, NO stocking of product, NO monthly financial commitment, NO forced payment system, NO annual renewal, and NO unfair sales requirements-NO kidding!

Originally, products from BlackBox Cosmetics were intended to be sold through regular retail channels. However, the typical sales distribution  system allows products to sit on shelves for months to years... losing their nutritional value and requiring the product to be preserved with toxic chemicals. That wasn't an acceptable scenario to a health & nutrition conscious founder. Fresh active nutrients are a vital feature of the BlackBox Cosmetics' product line. Getting our products from production to the end user (the fastest way possible) ensures the greatest benefit to our customers.

Prompted by early users that experienced dramatic results and wanted to participate in the company's future... the founder realized he had to develop a unique and dynamic marketing plan that equaled his extraordinary products. The plan would allow quick delivery of the products and utilize a grass roots style sales force comprised of product believers. It was obvious that a direct sales business model was the right fit, since the products were already starting to get some attention by word-of-mouth. A direct sales model was the only way to get the products to end users within days of production and allow satisfied users from across the country to participate in the company's bright future. Great products always seem to find motivated people wanting to share their excitement with others. Coupled with a simple, yet generous commission & bonus structure... amazing things can happen.


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Become A BlackBox Cosmetics Independent Sales Associate (ISA) click here and choose SALES AFFILIATE ENROLLMENT in the upper left hand corner.

When you join my team you will become part of a fast growing group dedicated to the use of BlackBox Cosmetics.  We have a team Facebook Group that is private to our team that will help you grow your business and learn more about the company. 


What's So Different About BlackBox Cosmetics' Business Plan?

BlackBox Cosmetics' compensation plan is revolutionary to the industry. We removed every obstacle that most direct selling companies require for you to achieve financial independence or easily supplement your income.

 To earn a Commission you Do Not have:

- Sales quotas.

- Monthly or annual product purchasing requirements.

- Stocking of product.

- Home party only restrictions.

- Online sales restrictions.

- Blog or website restrictions.

- Monthly financial commitment.

- Forced payment system.

- Annual renewals or website/shopping cart hosting fees.

- Mandatory meetings or sales events.

- Recruitment requirements to get paid commission on sales or organization residuals.

 We DO have:

- The Highest Commission/Bonus Payout in the industry.

- The most lucrative sales organization and Residual payout structure in the industry.

- The Least amount of red tape to earn and get paid commissions.

- Wholesale, Bulk, and BackBar prices for even greater income potential.