About Black Box Cosmetics Products

At BlackBox Cosmetics, we believe our age-reversal, skin-rejuvenating, acne treatment, & non-toxic personal products/cosmeceuticals are in a category all by themselves. They are much higher in active compounds & nutrients, more potent, better for the environment, air & light protected, and are often considerably less expensive than some of the worst products on the market. Our packaging is unrivaled in beauty and functionality, while saving customers money with the ability to purchase refills.  Blackbox Cosmetics products were created with both women AND men in mind. They are lightly scented with non-floral essential oils and packaged in cool black, fire red, lime green, sunset orange, frosty/midnight blue, and chrome quadrant bottles. We are confident you will agree, BlackBox Cosmetics products are worlds apart from the competition.

BlackBox Cosmetics was born out of a health professional's desire to find a natural and non-toxic way to dramatically reduce the signs of aging and improve the overall health and condition of his skin. His search began for nutrient rich anti-oxidant products that contained no harmful chemicals or preservatives. After a considerable amount of research, founder Kevin Evans was disheartened to find a skin-care industry wrought with products that offered low to no nutritional value, listed water as the #1 ingredient (often close to 75%), contained harsh chemicals, and contained formaldehyde releasing preservatives & carcinogens. Almost all products researched were improperly packaged in wide open-mouth jars, which reduced the low level of nutrients even further. It became apparent that cutting corners for the sake of profits was the industry standard.

Realizing that consumers were being underserved in the skin-care market and most cosmetic categories in general, Mr. Evans knew he could use his expertise and past experience in the nutrition & health industry to develop a product line that far exceeded the competition. As the founder of a nutrition company and with an award winning career & executive position at the largest health, fitness, and nutrition company in the world... Mr. Evans developed talents and skills that would guide him to design a unique and powerful line of skin-care & cosmetic products. After years of research & development, he created his revolutionary product line of Cosmeceuticals for his newly formed company... BlackBox Cosmetics.

Knowledge gained from considerable research in Mr. Evans' health and nutrition career and personal life allowed him to understand the incredible value anti-oxidants offered skin-care formulations. He realized it was just as crucial for the nutrients and age-defying compounds to reach their final destination at the highest potency possible. Still underappreciated by the industry, these two factors had to be the most important aspects of his products. "Anti-oxidants have a way of protecting cells and their components from harmful oxidative processes. They are like guard dogs surrounding our skin cells. Not only do they protect us, they help repair and reverse years of damage to our skin. Fine lines and wrinkles can be reversed or alleviated with the power of anti-oxidants in combination with scientifically advanced compounds like: Hyaluronic & Alpha Lipoic Acid, Peptides, Retinol, NAD, DMAE, Resveratrol, phytonutrients & botanicals, vitamins, minerals, penetration enhancers, and other special ingredients. Feeding your skin these compounds while they are fresh, active, and in the largest effective concentrations is vital", insists Mr. Evans.

After years of searching for what he would call "super anti-oxidants", he formed the basis of his cosmetics company with an extraordinary line of potent cosmeceuticals. His very first order of business for the cosmeceutical line was to replace water as the #1 ingredient (prevalent in the industry) with juiced Aloe Vera and a special blend of botanical extracts. For over 4,000 years, ancient civilizations have been using aloe for its extraordinary healing properties. Today, scientists still marvel over the special molecules within this plant and are unsure how they actually work. Some things science will never be able to explain, but it is believed that aloe is even more potent and good for the human body than first believed... even benefitting our cardiovascular system. In combination with super anti-oxidant botanicals & extracts, it is the perfect foundation to build on.