BlackBox Cosmetics Offers Option to Recycle Beauty Products Containers

Knowing that most nutrients are negatively affected by light, air, and time, Kevin Evans, founder of BlackBox Cosmetics, was surprised to find that almost every skin-care product on the market is poorly contained in open cream jars & air-filled pump bottles… allowing light & air to destroy what nutrients were ever in the product to begin with.

Soon, he contacted many cosmetic packaging manufacturers throughout the world until he found one that would help him design an air-tight vacuum pump dispenser that keeps air and light out. This process allowed him to accomplish another important goal… the air-tight system allows the formulations to be organically & botanically preserved and therefore remove harmful preservatives, formaldehyde, sulfates, and chemicals that often contain carcinogens.

The airless system had other great features as well. The airless cartridge rests inside a beautiful acrylic shell and can be removed and recycled once empty. A new cartridge with a fresh supply of product is reinserted. This is better for the environment and saves customers money with their ability to purchase discounted refills. Refills are a better solution for our customers and our planet.