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Welcome to my site created for those interested in our products and becoming a BlackBox Cosmetics Independent Sales Associate.  I became increasingly concerned over the past couple of years about what products I was using on my children, so it was only natural for me to relook at what skin care products I was choosing, and along came BlackBox Cosmetics.  After reading about the company and products, I joined as a BlackBox Cosmetics ISA thinking I would do so for just the discount (yes, you can do that without ever paying to stay active again!).  I became so passionate about the products and mission that I saw opportunity and started devoting time to building my business.

I love that these products do not contain harmful preservatives/ingredients, are aloe based, and are paraben free while still being extremely potent and effective.  I have been an Independent Sales Associate since 2011 and earned my Director status in April of 2013.  I used to use many different products and quitting them when I would break out (which I almost always did) or if I didn't see immediate results.  Since July of 2011, I have been dedicated to using BlackBox Cosmetics and my skin has changed considerably!  I get compliments on my skin a lot and I am asked what products I use regularly.  I would consider my skin acne prone and sensitive, and these products do not cause me any problems.  In fact, there have been a couple of times I have ran out of my products because I did not reorder in time so I used some of my old skin care products I had leftover....big mistake.  My face reacted terribly breaking out and itching.  If your story sounds like mine, give BlackBox Cosmetics a try, you won't regret it!  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Your skin will thank you!  If you would be interested in receiving ongoing emails from me regarding special promotions and BlackBox products, please use the sign up form on any page (Use the form on the homepage for a FREE sample if you want!).  You can also keep an eye on new products by viewing my blog or connecting with me using social media as I have listed below or email me at TryBlackBox@gmail.com.  To learn more about BlackBox Cosmetics from our corporate website you can visit here.


Laura, ISA LM0374


Laura Mader

Independent Sales Director

for BlackBox Cosmetics