I have asked MANY questions and I am sure I will continue to do so and I will add them if appropriate to this list.  If you have your own question you do not see here, you can contact corporate at the following (they are GREAT to work with):

BlackBox Cosmetics LLC
P.O. Box 50362, Sarasota, FL 34232
TELEPHONE:  941-870-2244      Fax:  941-847-1007
E-MAIL: Service@BlackBoxCosmetics.com

1. I have created my own website, www.blackboxcosmeticsnebraska.com to promote my business and I would like to make business cards with that web address on it.  It looks like the promotional materials do not have a customization option.  Do you have another company you would suggest to make cards?

Yes, we can customize our business cards. Just type in the comments sections the changes you would like to make. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

2.  Can you tell me how many independent sales supervisors or sales directors there are with BBC?  That is my goal in the next couple of months to reach supervisor status and I wondered how many are already there.

After a number of competitors started calling us for information regarding our growth rate and # of ISAs, The company instituted a policy against disclosing competitive information. We can only tell you if ISAs, Managers, Supervisors, or Directors are in a specific area or not. Although we have many at each level throughout the US and Internationally, we do not have anyone of Supervisor or Director status in Nebraska. Actually it takes 10 or more years for a direct sales company’s presence to be recognized, so all territories are very wide open and should be for quite some time. BlackBox Cosmetics is just now starting to get recognized by the cosmetics industry and trade magazines. YRB Magazine of New York (http://yrbmagazine.com/) is doing an unsolicited editorial on our Frost product and there are other types of media companies starting to call us. Growth is accelerating and this should be a good time for you to achieve your goals. We wish you luck.

3. Are there plans to become part of the Direct Sales Association (DSA) in the future?

It is possible, but BlackBox Cosmetics is so much different from the other companies in the DSA. We do not agree with the practices, (e.g. sales quotas, stocking of product, monthly financial commitments, forced payment systems, annual renewals, strange sales requirements) of most of the companies that are members. If we deem the benefits will outweigh the negative association, we may join at some point in the future. Also, anyone can verify online that BlackBox Cosmetics is a legitimate corporation registered in the State of Florida and is registered and trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark office. Currently we are looking at other affiliations that will highlight our differences.

4. . With our replicated websites, is there anyway to personalize them with contact info, story, etc?

Your replicated website link takes customers to the main website: blackboxcosmetics.com so that customers can access information about the company story, products, ingredients, and so on. Your sales code is attached to the site during the customer’s visit. This attachment continues when they go into the shopping cart as well and they will see your name and sales code on the top left. The reason there is one main website and shopping cart that all ISAs are tied to is so that the system and calculate commissions, bonuses, and overrides for the entire organization. The only place that could possibly be personalized is within the shopping cart where your ISA Sales Code is located. However, we are not sure this would be of any importance to anyone that is shopping. I will forward this to our programmers to see what they think.

5. Is there a way to view reports of how many times our replicated website has been visited?

Not at this time.

6. Is it ok to approach salons/spas that offer their products in stores as well as online?  If they want to sell their product online, how would you recommend they do this?  Buy the product and have it at their store (worry about shelf life) to distribute or imbed link on their online store even though they might sell other brands?

Yes, we have many salons and retail outlets in the system. If they want to sell their product online, how would you recommend they do this? Buy the product and have it at their store (worry about shelf life) to distribute or imbed link on their online store even though they might sell other brands? We have salons that sell our products using both scenarios. This is a personal choice. However, it is most common for the store to purchase wholesale and in bulk (1/2 cases and cases). This gives the retail shop owner the highest profit margin. Some retail owners only purchase kits and bottled products and direct their customers to order refills online using the retails store’s sales code or shopping cart link. The shop owner can put a card in with the kit to promote reorders. Products stay preserved for well over 12 months and the shop owner can order online as needed... without stocking up or purchasing too much product.

The retail owner can place their shopping cart link into their web pages for online sales. This is the best way to promote sales online, since everything the customer may wish to know can be found at the BlackBox Cosmetics’ website.

7. Another question, if you sell on E-Bay, instead of purchasing items and then reselling on E-Bay, can you just put in the buyers name and address into the order from your personal website shopping cart so the product is shipped directly to the buyer and decreases need to have inventory on hand? 

Most of our ISAs that sell on eBay will purchase the products at bulk or discount and sell on eBay at retail. This is the highest profit margin. However, you do not have to purchase from your shopping cart until you have made the sell on eBay. This frees you from keeping inventory. So you would sell the product on eBay just as you would any item you would normally sell. Those transactions are usually done through PayPal. When you go to your shopping cart to place the order, you would put in your billing information and your customers shipping address. Of course, you will not want to place the order at your shopping cart until your customer has paid you through PayPal.

Your customers can go to your shopping cart and place orders directly, but this would circumvent eBay’s process and fees. They do not allow that. However, once you have made a transaction with the customer, you can send them information on how to refill or purchase other items directly through your shopping cart... or become part of your organization.

8. Do you have to start the bidding (EBAY) at MSRP?  Or does just the buy now option need to be for MSRP? 

Shopping cart across the Internet... including auction sites... are not allowed to compete with the ISA’s BlackBox Cosmetics shopping carts on price. This means you can not undercut the prices listed at BlackBox Cosmetics. So you would have to start the bidding at the online retail price or above. Example: the Restoration Kit at $125.00 plus $10.95 shipping. You could list the products at MSRP for Buy it Now... if you like. In this case, it would be $162.50. Please let us know if we can assist you further.

9. I am having a hard time finding a guarantee policy or return policy.  Do you have one you could send me? 

Our return policy is in the Policies and Procedures section and Q&A section on our main website: http://www.blackboxcosmetics.com/#/questionsandanswers/

 Here it is below:

 Question: Is there a return policy?

 Answer: In the case of damaged products, BlackBox Cosmetics will ship replacement product upon notification. We ask that the damaged product be returned to us so that we may file a claim with the shipping company. A return shipping label with postage will be included. In the case of allergic reaction or other ill effect to the ingredients, BlackBox Cosmetics will refund the full amount of purchase if the remaining product is returned to us within 14 days of purchase.

10. **When will the new bronze Infusion AM be ready?  I am super excited about this product! **If a customer is unhappy with their product, do they return to me and I send it back or do they send directly back to company within 14 days?  Are they responsible for S&H? **Will you send out links to media coverage as they become available in the near future so we can share such as the article that will be coming out on the Frost face wash?

Sorry about the delay in response, I had to speak with Kevin on the Bronzed Infusion AM and he is in China touring our packaging company’s facility. Bronzed Infusion AM will probably be available in 3-4 months. Currently we are preparing to launch GeniSkin and then the Artisan Soaps collection.

Any products purchased from the BBC shopping cart system should be returned back to us. The customer will pay for shipping except in the case of faulty packaging or defect. In those cases, we send a return postage paid label and we will pay postage to send another product back to them. If an ISA purchases products for resale, such as cases or otherwise, the ISA is responsible for the return. The ISA does have 14 days from purchase as well. We can not warrant product held by an ISA for longer than 14 days, since we have no control over how old it is or how it has been stored... (e.g., the back of a hot car for example).

Yes, we will provide ISAs with a heads up on media coverage.

11. Can I advertise BBC in any format?

Yes, you can advertise in all forms. The transcript has to be approved for TV and Radio, however. This is only to make sure there are no misrepresentations of the products or business opportunity. You can use whatever information is already on the website, e.g., product and sales information, bullet points, ingredient information. You have the freedom to create and design the ad to your liking. It really is that easy. Just send a copy of your transcript to: service@blackboxcosmetics.com.

12. Is BlackBox Cosmetics listed with the  Better Business Bureau

The fact that we are not found there is a good thing. Any complaints to the Better Business Bureau will show up there even if BlackBox Cosmetics is not a member. BlackBox Cosmetics may join at some point, but we have always believed that paying a service like the BBB just to say we are a member isn’t right. A discussion with a BBB salesman that used extortion tactics put a sour taste in Kevin’s mouth about the organization. Customer Service is of the highest priority to BlackBox Cosmetics. We do not have to be a member of BBB for that to be true. Many companies with terrible customer service are members of BBB and can list the symbol on their site just by paying expensive membership fees. Something about that just isn’t right and BBB has lost a lot of credibility in recent years. Joining BBB isn’t a priority at this time.

13. Are there plans to become PETA certified? 

Our products are never tested on animals and we have already requested PETA certification. We have not gotten final approval as of yet. We expect to receive it after the holidays.

14. The brochure says Kevin Evans is a long time nutrition and fitness executive.  What company did he work for before founding BBC? 

Our founder, Kevin Evans was the Regional Director & Corporate Wellness Director for Bally’s Total Health & Nutritionals. Bally’s was the largest health and nutrition corporation in the world at the time of his tenure and he won countless awards and honors. He was the CEO of a small nutrition company called Complete Nutrition and is the Founder of one of the oldest and most successful stock trading companies on the Internet. His extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and Internet commerce/transactions allowed him to develop what we believe will eventually be one of the largest Cosmeceutical and Nutraceutical companies in the world.

15.  I have had a lot of inquiries about product size and I don’t seem to find it on the website.  Would you be able to send me that information for all products if possibility?

The bonus information is on the main website under Compensation Plan. See attached. The size of products is on the very bottom of the information section once you click the product. However it is not listed on the Kits section. ***You can visit my blog for a picture of this

16. Can you tell me what the concentration of glycolic acid is in Revivie Gx? 

There is a total of 5 AHAs in a proprietary combination and concentration of 10%.

17. Quick question about Revive gx.  I am loving it, just not sure if I am using it properly?  Is it supposed to be used once a day at night?  Are we supposed to use Radiance AX over it or Defiance PM? 

The products work best in combination with each other, but not put on at the same time. Revive gx works best if left on all night. Used in that manner, we are receiving some wonderful reports on Revive gx. Our initial tests showed the best results overnight as well. Definace PM can be put on at anytime in the late afternoon and we would suggest continuing to use PM. It has many ingredients that should be included in a daily regimen. Retinoids are very sensitive to acids and some forms of Vitamin C, so it is best used 5-6 hours separate from those products. We are updating the Quick Start Card to include Revive gx and it will give this detail on the proper use of the product in combination with the others.

18.  How much did you say again that it would cost for someone who has already purchased either the GeniSkin kit or Restoration kit to sign up?  I have 2 clients that have reordered 3 times and are interested in signing up who both purchased kits already.  Thanks! 

They can pay the ISA Fee of $49.00 to become an ISA. They will need to call the office between the hours of 9am-4pm EST, M-F to complete this enrollment. Please let us know if you have any questions.

19.  I have been contacted by someone in xxxxx that is interested in becoming an ISA.  What are overseas shipping charges for them and do we have any ISAs there?  Thank you!  ***Remember that you can always contct corporate to ask how many ISA's are in a certain area/state/country!  They will tell you :) and shipping charges if you plan to ship overseas.

International shipping to xxxxx is a flat charge of $45 for a full kit and $16.95 for refills in a small flat rate box.  We do not have active ISA’s in xxxxxx right now.