“Host” could be family, friends, or friends or friends.  Maybe they want to host a winter open house with multiple vendors as well, or just have you present BlackBox Cosmetics.  I would take your full product items for display (always show the refill option-it really wows people!) along with samples and brochures.  If you have a laptop, bring that as well so you can enter orders right away.  If you do not have a laptop, you can purchase a carbon copy receipt book for very cheap.  Remember to count those types of items as tax write offs for your business! “Host” has a party that retails…..

Less than $300-offer a free item that retails for $20-30

$300-499: receive Restoration Kit or GeniSkin Kit for ISA cost plus free a la carte item (sea mask, revive, bronzed infusion AM)

$500-999: receive Restoration Kit of GeniSkin Kit for $50 plus 2 a la carte items free

$1000+: Receive Restoration or GeniSkin Kit free plus one a la carte free


Cost to ISA with your wholesale discount:

Less than 300 level-$10-20 depending on item (commissions at this level between $0-29)

300-499 level costs ISA approx. $10-20 (commissions at this level between $90-149.70)

500-999 level costs ISA approx. $70-90 (commissions at this level between $150-299.70)

1000+ level costs ISA approx. $80-120 (commissions at this level $300+)


**Hosts and guests pay own S+H fees.  Cost to ISA will vary depending on items host chooses.  Consider adding incentives for guests to spend more than $150 at party by offering a free Artisan Bath Bar for orders over $150 (cost to ISA=$6 with a commission of $45)