I am trying this new letter out to send to those that have asked for samples.  I was sending out product brochures and ISA opportunity brochures along with my business card and samples, and decided to try something different to save cost and add a more personal touch starting tomorrow February 25th.  I will keep you updated on how it works and if it helps convert more sales and ISAs.  I do plan to continue to include my business card with the sample(s).  


Thank you for your interest in BlackBox Cosmetics!  Our #1 goal is to produce the most advanced personal care products in the world and I am so excited that you get to experience them.  We are accomplishing this goal by introducing the most effective products in the marketplace with the least amount of toxins possible. Our products are uniquely designed with potent levels of the most effective nutrients, compounds, & botanicals that offer superior results.  Our packaging is cool, attractive, smart, & earth friendly and we are removing harmful chemicals and preservatives that are prevalent in the industry.  We also offer refills of all of our products at a significantly lower cost!

We are adding to our product line quickly and recently launched our Argan-Fig shampoo and conditioner under our VuDu Hair Care Line.  Also in the works are a sunless tanner (I am a tester for it-love it!), an instant eye lift serum, a toner called Splash, and nutrient supplements called Nutrux. 

If you are considering becoming an Independent Sales Associate for BlackBox Cosmetics, you can find more information on my website including a special promotion.  With no quotas to meet, no ongoing fees, no inventory to carry, and a low price point to join, there are many benefits, even if you want to sign up just to receive a lifelong discount on products-yes you can do that!  I would be more than happy to discuss this exciting ground floor opportunity with you further if you have any questions.

I will follow up with you via email after you receive your samples to get your feedback and answer any questions you might have.  Again, thank you for your interest and for visiting my website.  Please feel free to stop back by and check out the latest product information and exciting BlackBox news on my blog or Facebook page. 


Laura Mader

Independent Sales Supervisor for BlackBox Cosmetics

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Website:  www.blackboxcosmeticsnebraska.com

Email:  lauramader@blackboxcosmetics.com