As you already know, BBC is different in that we don't have the typical home party structure that most direct sales companies do.  I found this to be a very intriguing part to becoming and ISA because it's almost like you have bought a franchise that you can basically do what you want with, but it can also cause some problems in knowing where to get started.  On the main page, you will see a host party plan that I put together because I had several ISA's ask me about one, so I put it together to give you an idea of a plan you could follow at minimal expense to you but it is just a template and you can add or delete anything you want.  Below are some additional ideas to generate sales and get your name out there. Locally:

***When giving out samples, ask those interested to provide you with their email address in exchange for the samples so you can follow up with them.  This also helps you create a list so that when we have launches for new products. have exciting business opportunity changes, etc you can let them know about it.

  1. Ask a friend to host a party and use the Host Party Plan outline on the main page.
  2. Host an open house yourself (Spring, Holiday, new ISA launch) and introduce your products to acquaintances in a relaxed environment.  If you are uncomfortable with being the only vendor, bring in other friends that have non-competitive items they sell such as candles, purses, jewelry, etc and set up a shopping experience with 3 to 4 different vendors. This will bring in more traffic and still get you a chance to introduce BBC and have fun!
  3. Ask other direct sales company acquaintances about holiday boutiques, expos, events, fund raisers, etc that they have been a part of.  There are many times local events that will not charge anything for you to set up a booth or for a small fee and will sometimes advertise all businesses involved in the event.  It's great exposure!  Because many people have never heard of BBC yet, you will pull people to your booth just out of curiosity.  There are trade show packages available to purchase in the marketing materials in the back office.
  4.  Ask your local gym or other businesses if you can set out your business card or samples.
  5. Look into your local Chamber to see what kind of fees they have to join and what promotional services they provide for a new business.  Mine offers listings on their website, I did a ribbon cutting with them, and they have opportunities for ongoing networking opportunities and marketing training.  One of the chamber administrators was so intrigued with BBC when I was signing up for my Chamber membership, she is now considering the opportunity!


  1. Craigslist-from feedback I have received, I would say that most of you have received contact with potential customers the most this way!
  2. Ebay-yes, we can sell on Ebay.  See the FAQs I have posted for a specific question I asked about selling on EBay
  3. Yelp-free to set up a profile
  4. Manta-free to set up profile
  5. Post of forums.  Find niche forums about beauty, natural beauty care, work-at-home opportunities and other topics.  If you become part of the community and offer valuable feedback and interaction, people will look at your profile.  The goal here is to NOT blatantly sell all the time, people get tired of that.  Try contributing your two cents about parabens in products, working from home, acne, whatever it might be and don't sell....contribute and participate.  Be sure your profile/signature has your BBC info in it so when you post it's clear what you sell but you are not pushing it.  This leads me to attraction marketing which we will cover on another page.
  6. Get up to speed on social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and manhy more.  There are TONS of books at your local library or articles on the Internet to help you get started on this.
  7. By using Twitter or other social medical platforms, find bloggers with large followings that would be willing to try some samples and review our products for you.  This is something I am trying right now.  I recently sent out a tweet on Twitter asking for interest from bloggers that would be interested in reviewing GeniSkin Acne Line.  I am sending out 5 mailings tomorrow with samples and information and they will include my contact information on their blog along with the review.  I will keep you updated on how this works out for me.
  8. Pay per Click advertising....see main page for separate page of information.
  9. Write articles for Ezine.  Check out this link for an example of how this is done by giving valuable information but yet she includes her business opportunity at the bottom of the page!&id=7517261
  10. Publish a new release.  Check out this one I did for regarding our Revive Gx product  There are many online PR companies you can do this with for free and can be found using any search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  11. Creat a Squidoo Lens at  It's free and very easy to set up.  It can act like a blog, website, whatever you would like to set it up as and has great search engine ratings.  You can check out my lens at