Here is a response I received from Michelle at corporate regarding follow up to a salon that was interested in learning more about carrying BBC products: Hi Laura,

I would set up a booth or table at the salon for the meeting with bullet point posters, a banner and samples of at least 6 Minute Miracle so that they have a general idea how to display BlackBox Cosmetics and also each person can try the products, or possibly a full kit so they can sample each product in it’s packaging. You might also have a set of brochures of each the product lines for each person and a sample to take home. As they are browsing the table, you can explain to them the benefits of the products, the key points of BlackBox Cosmetics, no sulfates, no harsh chemicals, no water, 98% active ingredients, environmentally friendly reduced cost refill cartridges, etc. Salons all get a free banner for the salon and a benefits poster for each station in the salon when they sign as an Independent Sales Associate to have something to being developing a display so you can inform them of that fact.

Salons have unique opportunities that the general ISA does not have, instant organization or sales people and constant flow of traffic. If they choose, salons can immediately expand their organization by offering the opportunity to each sales person to sign under them an an ISA and each person will have the ability to sell outside the salon as well for extra income. Or the salon can pay the individual stylists a commission, maybe 10% of each sale as incentive to sell BlackBox for them in the salon. It’s really up to the salon owner how they would like to organize their staff. You might review that with the salon owner before the meeting so that you can adjust your presentation to the staff accordingly.

Salons have a constant flow of clients and customers. Each station should have examples of brochures as well as a bottle and or jar of a product or two for clients to use or view while they are reviewing the literature. Revive GX and 6 Minute Miracle are very good products to have at each station in addition to the literature so that they can present the product information to their clients while they are waiting, getting their hair cut or styled, etc. They are a very inexpensive way to promote BlackBox can be laminated and reused if they desire. The client can read the brochure and try a sample on their hand that can easily be rinsed or wiped off at a sink in the salon.

We suggest salons have minimally products at the counter to try, to feel, like an Infusion or a Radiance and next to it a drawing bowl for clients to fill out an application to win a free product each month or however frequently the salon would like to draw. They can use the other names and address of people who were not drawn to cultivate customers, or free leads for their stylists if they choose to each sign independently under the salon, or they can leave the names and address in the drawing bowl for the next one.

You can briefly review the retail sales flyer that explain to a retail location how they can increase their commissions with bonus level sales and buying bulk for reduced costs and greater profit. By first establishing an inventory of what they might sell each month, they can easily order bulk cases to increase their commission percentages up to 100% profit.

For salons who choose not to purchase inventory, BlackBox offers them a product line with no costs associated with it. They do not have to store, stock or manage inventory, they do not have to ship merchandise and they do not have to handle customer service for product shipped by us. There are huge costs associated with carrying a product line, minimum purchases, etc. BlackBox eliminates those costs so the line is a very easy one to carry. It also does not compete with any hair care lines they currently carry. It is a nice addition for women who already care about their appearance to add skin care. It is an added benefit to their clients.

Basically you want the salon owner and staff to understand the value of the products, the commissions they can make, and the product and company basics after your meeting.


Michelle Powell

BlackBox Cosmetics